The Adamantine Dragon in the Crystal World (Status:Unknown)

Forgotten Conquerer

Until Death (Completed<3)


Return Of the Exiled Daughter (Rewritten & Status:Unknown)

Game world or A Different World? (Continued & Status:Unknown)

The New Journey Of an Old Soul (Completed)

Transcendence (Completed & read until death first)

Beyond (Completed & series after Transcendence)

Re:Lovely (Status:Unknown)

Beyond the Other World (Status:Unknown)

Dragon Princess (Status:Unknown)

Reincarnation Flower

Lady Bunny (Completed)

Idol (Completed)

An Everyday OP Player (Status:Unknown)


Queen of Blades (Status:Unknown)

The Curious Girl and The Traveler

GunXPrincess (It became a Book!!)

Reincarnated as the Main Character Little Sister and.. I just Don’t Wanna Die Again

The Sword Princess Tale

New Game Plus

Make No Mistake (Status:Unknown)

Dex/Clair Adventure (Completed)


Witch Life

Felicia’s Second Life

Polymath Redux

Artemis The Celestial Beast (Status:Dropped)

Ritz Aven: Can I Live Normally?

Lair (Status:Unknown)

Thera of the Rose Manor

Whisper Of the Nightingale

Evolution Arts

The First Encounter

The White Dragon

Falling Star of Evolution

Nekana, One in Billion Lost

Silva’s Diary

The Rabbit Knight

Transform Online

A Girl’s Unusual Existence

Slime Tamer’s Chronicles

To Remember

The Phoenix Hero

Story: Forever After

I Love This World (Completed & 2nd Series is out)

Carnival Of Curses

I was Reincarnated as a Magic Academy

The Tempered

An Otherworld Trio

The Daily Life Of Supporting Character

Life OF Yue

A Mermaid’s Responsibility

Hive Queen

The Grandmaster Of Magic and Alchemy

I Summoned Myself,EH?

Little Moon’s Matchmaking Mission!  (Completed)

A Dying World

The Dark Elto Du Yu Lin

My World Beyond the Closed Doors

Wizard with Flower Blade

A Broken Doll [ Her lost Soul ]

True World Online

Rise of the Rabbit Empire

Blooming Thorn in Another World

Crashed into Fantasy

Story: Forever After – Elf

A Practical Guide to Evil

Agent of the Realm